Registered & Accredited

Professionals with over 10 years experience. All trained to Masters level.

Accredited . Registered . Excellence . 

Welcome to Sage Counselling and Psychotherapy, Navan, Co. Meath.    

A confidential counselling service, providing therapy for adults, teenagers and children for 10 years.  

Helping you explore ways to reduce symptoms like anxiety, stress, panic, and depression, so that you can move towards a better sense of emotional wellbeing, self esteem, confidence and positive mental health.

Trained to Masters level, and holding accreditations with ICP, MIAHIP, MIACP, and EAP.

We Provide


Adult Therapy

Therapy provides an opportunity to talk in private, and helps to improve wellbeing and confidence.

Teen Counselling

Counselling helps teens figure out dilemmas, cope with anxiety, build confidence, and self esteem.

Play Therapy / Child Psychotherapy 

Play Therapy helps children express thoughts and feelings, developing self esteem and confidence. 


Sage is located in a peaceful setting, that is private and is easily accessible from all over Meath and borders of Cavan, Dublin and Louth.



Sage Counselling



Co. Meath