Counsellor/Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
M.A Psychotherapy


I am a qualified and accredited psychotherapist with more than 15 years of clinical experience and practice as a counsellor & psychotherapist.

I hold a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and Play Therapy. My core training is in adult psychotherapy with advanced training in child psychotherapy, play therapy, theraplay therapy (attachment based therapy), creative process and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. My work with children is further enhanced with over 10 years experience working as a private Nanny in London. I hold both level 1 and 2 in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy from the Sensorimotor Institute, Colorado. I have tutored in Turning Point Institute and have provided group supervision and skills practice for 4th year students on the Masters programme. I provide group supervision for students of the Children Therapy Centre.   I have volunteered with SoSad a suicide prevention charity, and Children in Hospital Ireland, a charity which encourages play with hospital for sick children.

I am a relational, trauma informed, psychotherapist who’s style of integrative therapy is tailored to meet the needs of each individual person. This supports the underlying reasons for behaviours and not just the behaviours themselves, which can lead to repair in relationships as well as overall wellbeing.  When we understand ourselves better we can begin to see things differently and more accurately. This allows us to make healthier choices for ourselves.


Psychotherapy can work with an array of issues such as anxiety, depression, anger issues, relationship issues, parenting support, separation/divorce, fertility challenges, grief & Loss, Trauma recovery, birth trauma, life transitions, pregnancy and post part mental health, parenting support, school issues emotional regulations, stress management to name but a few.

Trauma can be more prevalent in our lives, more than we recognise. Trauma related issues can impact our day to day life. Trauma can leave lasting effects on both the brain and the body. A traumatic experience can lead to a lifetime of struggle and suffering, which is why it is important to seek help as soon as possible. I understand trauma and its effects on the mind and body, I am trained in several approaches that deal with trauma, these include, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment Theory, Sensorimotor psychotherapy. All sessions are centred around helping you to deal with the traumatic experience in your life so you can move forward with a more positive mindset.


As a supervisor I endeavour to facilitate, the Counsellor, Adult & Child Psychotherapist, Play Therapist and Creative Arts Therapist (Supervisee’s) with their professional development throughout all levels of their experience. As supervision is a process of ‘ongoing collaborative, experimental and transformational learning, that draws on practical and research based knowledge. It is a ‘flexible’ relationship of ‘mutual trust, respect and integrity’ that takes into account the learning needs of the supervisee.

Within supervision I incorporate the educative aspects of the role of therapist, skills develop and professional development, the managerial, accountability, developing best practice, ethical and legal considerations etc.  
The restorative support for therapist well-being, space to explore the impact of the therapists work by providing psychological support and the scaffolding needed for the supervisee. I offer both group and individual supervision.

Parental Support

It is a wonderful privilege to be a parent and many people look forward to becoming one at some point. However, parenting is not that easy, and it requires one to deliberately develop some essential skills.

Children tend to exhibit certain challenging behaviours during each developmental stage. It may be difficult to deal with these behaviours and it can be especially challenging for first time parents who may have little experience tuning into a child’s emotions. There is plenty information available online that can be useful for developing parental skills. However, when it comes to parenting, the best way to learn to tune-in by connecting with a child psychotherapist/play therapist that tunes into your emotional experience. Through a supportive and non-judgemental environment, you can develop parenting techniques that will foster a sense of connection and help you repair after having difficult interactions with your children. Even veteran parents can benefit from the occasional check-in for support. The following are some of the areas that are covered in parenting sessions:

Attachment and bonding process

  • Instilling good discipline that focuses on teaching children rather than punishing them.
  • Developing effective communication strategies with children.
  • Setting up family meetings and addressing household issues.
  • Handling sibling rivalry effectively.
  • Appropriate methods of implementing consequences.


Parental Consultancy by appointment only - €60.

Counselling & Psychotherapy - €60.

Supervision for Adult & Child psychotherapist and Play Therapists - €80