Counselling or Therapy can provide support if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, worry, low mood, overwhelm or anger. Therapy can help if you are faced with difficult events, unexpected change and challenging times.  Therapy has boundaries of confidentiality, providing an opportunity for you to feel safe to discuss whatever you choose in without judgement, and to talk with a therapist who will listen and offer support, help improve your wellbeing and feeling more resourced.  

We offer support with: 

  • anxiety, stress
  • loss, bereavement  
  • confusing thoughts, feelings  
  • low self-esteem, self-confidence  
  • feeling down, depression  
  • difficulty in your relationships with a partner or others (individual)  
  • family concerns  
  • work problems 
  • adapting to major life changes (new baby, moving house, changing job / lifestyle, retiring )  
  • anger management - loosing it with work colleagues, family and friends  
  • physical abuse, domestic violence  
  • rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse  
  • trauma and symptoms of PTSD

We take referrals from individuals, HSE and TULSA, G.P's, psychologists and other agencies, including Employee Assistance Programmes.
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