CAROL DUFFY Psychotherapist & Supervisor


I am a qualified and accredited psychotherapist with over 10 years of psychotherapy practice. I offer therapy for Adults and Adolescents who have experienced different types of Trauma and Attachment / Relational injuries. My clinical work is underpinned by Sensorimotor Psychotherapy™, that draws on mindfulness, neurobiology, talk therapy and somatic (body) awareness.

I also offer supervision to health care practitioners, psychotherapists and counsellors working with adults, adolescents and children. 

Therapy for Adults

Therapy first explores any goals you may have, and aims to move towards personal empowerment.  Perhaps you want to improve your self esteem or boost your confidence. Perhaps you are experiencing worries and anxiety and want to restore a sense of peace and calm.

I often get asked what is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy.  There are many similarities and skills that are interchangeable. Counselling helps by talking about current situations or problems which are often more immediate, and Psychotherapy helps to raise awareness of deep rooted patterns and habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which is longer term. Either way everyone who decides to engage in therapy, wants to discover new healthier and happier ways to live life, and therapy offers an opportunity to feel supported in gently exploring a range of worries, anxiety, feelings, emotions, and situations to difficult experiences, that include trauma, abuse or neglect. 

Therapy for Adolescents 

My practice with adolescents focuses on reducing anxiety, overwhelming feelings and thoughts, utilising a specialised skill set to support adolescent development,  reduce symptoms of psychological distress, as well as building better relationships between the adolescent and parent, and in providing parental strategies.


Trauma is often stereotyped into descriptions such as big "T" and little "t". Big T could be described as incidents as violence, robbery, rape, war and recurrent sexual or physical abuse. Little 't' can be smaller or less pronounced events, like divorce, infidelity, loss of employment, that can still be traumatic, but in the small 't' form.  However, Trauma is more about the impact than the cause itself, and how the trauma is “remembered” in the brain / body.  Parts of the brain become compromised in a traumatic experience and your reactions become about survival, rather than thoughtful or insightful responses or interactions. Reactions to a traumatic experience all deserve compassion and empathy. No matter what kind of adversity you may have faced or still face, your recovery is just as important, meaningful and deserved as anyone else’s.

Trauma informed Therapy 

My psychotherapy work is underpinned by Sensorimotor Psychotherapy™, a specialised trauma informed model of therapy. This approach encourages awareness of present moment internal experience, and  using mindfulness based interventions (Embedded Relational Mindfulness (ERM)©.  I like this approach as it really supports being compassionate towards a range of human experiences, and cultivate a persons strengths, while providing enough challenge to stimulate growth, healing and improve overall wellbeing.  (The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, is based in Boulder, Colorado).     


I provide supervision to a range of practitioners. Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychotherapists, Play and Creative Arts Therapists. My approach is collaborative, reflective, and supportive. Along with psychotherapy, I have a diverse background, having working the the civil service for a number of years, and volunteering on the Ethics Committee in the IAHIP for 7 years providing support and consultation on ethical matters regarding practice.  


I hold a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and Play Therapy, and a Post Grad. specialism in Adolescent Psychotherapy, and a core training in Adult Psychotherapy. 

Completed a number of years training with the Sensorimotor Institute in Trauma, Developmental Injury, and advanced training in Complex Trauma and structural Dissociation. 

 I incorporate specialist trainings, Adolescent Gestalt Relational, Play Therapy, and Creative process supporting personal expression, nonverbal and unsayable processes, with creative roots in my early education as a fine artist, and as a classically trained musician. I deliver training and workshops for practitioners on trauma and shame, focusing on neurobiology, attachment, and affect regulation, and overcoming shame through interpersonal healing, and compassion.

I bring to my work, over 25 years experience in Meditation & Mindful Practice, developing resources, and being kind to all parts of self. I believe in the importance of improving wellbeing, and mindfulness between the body mind relationship. I have completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and I am currently completing the final component of an 18 month Teacher Training Programme in teaching Mindfulness  and the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and ( Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) programmes.  

Sessions are 1 hour long, on a weekly basis.


Psychotherapy / Counselling fee €60 per hour
Reduced Counselling is €50 (for low income, unwaged / unemployed, students without support).
Parent Mentoring €60 per hour
Supervision €70 per hour.
Mindfulness (One to One) 

Carol Duffy - (086) 8058622