Shame Workshop

Implicit to Explicit: Working with shame in the therapy room

Highly popular workshop for practitioners covering neurobiology, attunement, and affect regulation. An experiential and engaging workshop, covering the recognition of shame, its many guises and ways of being with shame in the room. 

Shame is a painful interpersonal emotion that develops in early attachment relationships. Children see themselves through the eyes of their attachment figure, and if they perceive disapproval, ridicule, or aversion, this affects their self esteem, sense of self, body, and emotions.

When shame is exposed, it creates a pain that is unbearable, thus concealing itself making it difficult for a client to acknowledge, and a practitioner to identify.

Chronic shame is a problematic symptom that is often endured by clients who have experienced complex trauma, creating alterations in selfhood which can generate stuckness and lack of progression in the therapeutic process. Since shame is experienced with symptoms that are comorbid with trauma, supporting a client requires careful navigation by a practitioner.

This workshop, will focus on the early roots of shame, including the impacts on the nervous system and body, and on patterns of cognitions, emotions, and beliefs. It will help practitioners recognise the role of autonomic arousal in the nervous system, exacerbating symptoms, by identify animal defense survival responses in client who have experienced trauma.

Practitioners can avoid shame in the therapy room, due to a difficultly with their own shame, so we will explore how to be with shame, of both the practitioner and client. We will focus on how an implicit and explicit relational attunement between therapist and client, can create a safe and compassionate relational container for our clients to begin the interpersonal healing of shame.

This workshop will incorporate a dynamic combination of theory, collaborative interaction and experiential learning.


  • Saturday TBC 2022, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Who Should Apply:

  • This course is specifically for counsellors and psychotherapists 


  • You will be issued a certificate of attendance from Sage Counselling
  • CPD: 6 hours


  • Group rate for organisations. 

  •  It can be run either online or face to face, for organisations and groups.
  • Online - using a software called Zoom. Participants will be sent a link to join the online platform prior to the course commencement.
  • Face to Face - Venue TBC