Trauma Informed Therapy 

Trauma informed Therapy

Trauma informed therapy means that the therapist works in a way that is sensitive to trauma, reactions and triggers. Our therapists are also trained in specialist therapeutic approaches that understand the impacts of trauma on the brain, and body. They encourage understanding and awareness of reactions, recognising triggers, cultivating a persons strengths, while providing enough challenge to stimulate growth, healing and improve overall wellbeing.

The approaches used are:
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy™ (based in Boulder Colorado), and EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing.  Both approaches include Mindfulness Based Interventions.

Carol - Sensorimotor psychotherapy & EMDR
Catherine - Sensorimotor psychotherapy

Trauma - What is it ? 

Trauma occurs during incidents such as violence, robbery, rape, war, accidents, and recurrent sexual or physical abuse, or less pronounced events, like divorce, infidelity, loss of employment.  It is not what happened that creates a problem, as the impact is from how the  brain has stored the experience.

Parts of the brain become compromised in a traumatic experience and reactions become about survival, rather than thoughtful or insightful responses or interactions. Information is stored in the brain in a disorganised way, leaving many people with symptoms and reactions, rather than memories.