Therapy for Adolescents is relaxed and interactive, involving a mixture of talk and creativity.  It provides an opportunity to explore, figure out and make meaning of worries and anxiety, as well as understand confusing or intense feelings and thoughts.

Are you worried about your teenager?

Carol is an adolescent therapist, and meets with parents and care givers to offer guidance around adolescents displaying psychological distress, and their adolescent development. She works with adolescents from ages 13 years upwards. 

Are you a teenager who wants some help?

We offer support with:
  ▪ anxiety, stress
  ▪ depression, feeling down
  ▪ study, school, bullying
  ▪ peer pressure
  ▪ friendships, relationships
  ▪ separation / divorce
  ▪ self harm & thoughts of suicide
  ▪ sexuality, gender, LGBT
  ▪ worry about the future
  ▪ conflict with parents.

Therapy can help with building better relationships between a teenager and parent/s, along with providing parenting strategy work around Negotiation / Accountability vs. Conflict and Hostility.

Carol Duffy is an adolescent therapist. She aims to help an adolescent feel supported and understood.  She has extensive experience and training in her background, with a specialism in adolescent psychotherapy.  She incorporates creativity in helping adolescents figure out dilemmas, make meaning of experiences, understand confusing feelings and thoughts, explore impulsivity and thoughtful action,  while supporting adolescent development and confidence.  

She will take referrals from individuals, parents, schools, HSE and TULSA, G.P's, psychologists and other agencies.

Carol  (086)8058622